The South Bay Kennel Club's web site

The South Bay Kennel Club's web site


Welcome to The South Bay Kennel Club’s web site.

It will have a wealth of Club Info.

The South Bay Kennel Club was founded in 1961. Our membership is open to anyone with an interest in Purebred dogs and the Sport of showing dogs. It’s area of service is bounded by Manchester Avenue on the north, Los Angeles Harbor on the south, The 710 Freeway on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. These perimeters were set by the AKC to reflect the need and support in this area for an All Breed Dog Club. The club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Nakaoka Center in the City of Gardena, 1760 West 162nd St. Club business is discussed, refreshments are served and informative dog related programs are presented. The meetings are open to all. In addition to holding two licensed All Breed Dog Shows (where Championship Points are awarded) each year, The South Bay Kennel Club holds one match, and participates in the Gardena Library Summer Reading Program. The Club also makes donations to worthy community activities that are not necessarily animal related such as Gardena Parks and Recreation Department, We TIP and The Gardena Helping Hand Christmas Fund Raiser. It also supports The Morris Animal Foundation, ADOA, and SPARE.

The Club also offers Scholarship Awards to North High School in Torrance, the site of it’s licensed Shows. Anyone interested in joining the Club is invited to attend a general membership meeting. Attendance at two meetings is required before an application will be considered.
Some of the annual events are :

January – Awards and Installation meeting
February – Video of the Westminster Dog show
August – Licensed Show(s) and Obedience Trial
October – AKC Sanction Match
December- Bingo and Buffet

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